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Symphony Analytics Adds Apparel and Financial Services Insights to Its Offerings

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Analytics can be of great use to the CPG, retail and healthcare industries. Today, our Symphony Analytics Group announced the expansion of these offerings to also include business insights across other vertical markets including apparel and financial services. Symphony Analytics has also invested in an updated set of predictive analytic capabilities, including an Integrated Automated Analytics program powered by the Liquid Modeling proprietary modeling engine. This investment allows users to maximize speed to insight.

Although each market is different, they all tend to face common issues, like dramatic shifts in consumers’ buying patterns, ongoing price volatility, increasing convergence of trade and marketing strategies, and an accelerated usage of new media and digital marketing.

To address these issues, Symphony Analytics applies advanced analytics to support essential business capabilities, from predictive modeling to sensing real-time demand issues. Now, not only can new industries harness the power of Symphony Analytics, but all users can access those analytics in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.

To learn more about the new offering from Symphony Analytics, check out the press release here.